Testimonial Film: “Lodmell & Lodmell”

World’s #1 Asset Protection Law Firm (based on volume). Director/Camera/Edit (2/2014)


Recruiting Film: “Attorney Affiliate Program”

Asset Protection Attorney Affiliate Program. Director/Camera/Edit (2/2014)


Documentary Excerpt: “One Perfect Pull-up”

Teaser scene from project currently in production. Director/Camera/Edit (8/2013)


Documentary: “Truth about Pandemic Flu”

5 Minute Trailer with CDC, FDA, Thommy Thompson, etc. Director


Infomercial: “FootLog”

Director, Camera & Edit for this project. Full Infomercial (color bars to end)


How-To: “The FootLog”

Director/Camera/Edit (9/2013)


Recruiting Video: “Orthopedic Surgeon”

Director–2003. This one started everything.