Corporate Samples

The Fittest in Latin America

Wanda is the owner/coach at CrossFit 7-Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. She has been declared “The Fittest in Latin America” twice. (7/2017)

Legendary Kite Boarder & Founder of Epic Kites

Dimitri Maramenides is a legend in kite boarding. This is his remarkable story of how he is ‘still in the game’ after 20 years of flying 60′ into the air. (7/2017)

Second Chance

One of my favorite experiences making a mini-documentary or testimonial for a client. I am inspired by this Smithsonian artist, Stephanie Liner, and her determination to overcome impossible physical challenges to do what she loves. Client: Regenexx. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (10/2015)

The Power of Zero

Brian Hansen’s life changed when he understood the Power of Zero. Client: The Power of Zero Marketing Program. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (03/2017)


The impossible success of restoring an African father’s legacy to his children. Client: Goralka Law. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (10/2015)

My Christmas Wish: “I want to walk!”

The past 4 years, Julie had only one Christmas hope: get off crutches and walk. Here’s the story of how her wish came true. She testified before the FDA 6 months after shooting this film. Julie is now a blogger, Yoga instructor and motivation speaker. Client: Regenexx. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (12/2015)

After 7 Surgeries

This Rutgers college student has an amazing attitude to overcome the stuff life throws her way. Inspiring! Client: Regenexx. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (1/2016)

Regenexx Success Stories

Playlist of the amazing mini-documentary stories I filmed for Regenexx where they used the patient’s own stem cells to treat their orthopedic conditions.


Kevin Rail, aka k/rail, argueably has the best six pack out there. Here’s his workout. Client: Restore Your Fitness. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (11/2016)

MOJO: Ancient Motion Patterns

Ron Jones demonstrates ancient motion patterns using the Persian meel, Indian club, sandbag, stick, and kettlebell. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (2/2015)