Director Doug Orchard interviewed on ‘Behind the Shields’ Podcast (Episode 576) about ‘The Truth about Pandemic Flu’ (2009), ‘The Motivation Factor’ (2017), ‘Fasting’ (2017), ‘The Power of Zero’ (PG) (2018), and ‘The Baby Boomer Dilemma’ (PG) 2021.

‘The Baby Boomer Dilemma’ reviewed by A.M. Best


‘The Baby Boomer Dilemma’ reviewed by the Retirement Income Journal

A New Film, ‘The Baby Boomer Dilemma,’ Praises Annuities

Director Doug Orchard interviewed about ‘The Baby Boomer Dilemma’ on The Annuity Show

Episode 124: Telling the PG-Rated Story About The Retirement Crisis With Doug Orchard

Director Doug Orchard interviewed about ‘Fasting’ and ‘The Motivation Factor’ with Peter Bowes at BBC

Director Doug Orchard’s interview with Train for Longevity host Kevin Rail

The Women’s Healthbeat with Dr. Felice Gersh interviews Doug Orchard

Jason Fung, M.D. discusses new documentary, Fasting the movie

New Documentary Film, Fasting, Shows Fasting Beats Dieting

Director Doug Orchard interviewed by Dr. Mark Testa on ‘Time Restricted Feeding’ for Fasting Documentary

Interview with Christina Mendonsa–Sacramento ABC News anchor

Newspaper Interview with Nan Austin at The Modesto Bee

My interview with The Modesto Bee about the documentary film, The Motivation Factor, and how we found the local middle school that started following the famous La Sierra High PE program 45 years ago and has never stopped.

Radio interview with Brian Marsh on “The Bottom Line”

Radio interview on location at Raleigh Studios during the Hollywood premiere of The Motivation Factor.

Live on Fox & Friends

My interview on national morning talk show Fox & Friends where our documentary (The Motivation Factor) is profiled. Special thanks to Ron Jones and Kevin Rail with the Lean Berets, the US Marines and the kids from NJ who volunteered to learn the 12 Minute ‘Strength & Endurance Routine’ on the spot and perform it in front of 10MM+ viewers.┬áNew York City, June 30, 2015.

The Art of Manliness

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Podcast interview that went viral, where our documentary (The Motivation Factor) is profiled.

The Blaze

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