Baby Boomers own 83% of businesses. It is $10 Trillion in combined value. Most of that will change hands over this decade as they attempt to sell out. Here’s the problem: only 20% of businesses ever sell; the rest liquidate or close their doors.  Can we fix that?  The worldwide theater release is coming May 11, 2023. Rated PG.  Learn about the release.

The Baby Boomer Dilemma

The Baby Boomer Dilemma is an exposé of America’s retirement experiment.  Theater Release:  October 14, 2021.  Currently playing in US theaters nationwide.  Rated PG.  Own it on Film’s Official Site.

From Jail Cell to Stem Cell: the Next Con for the Ex-Con

Ex-cons reinvent themselves as the “stem cell” leaders of natural medicine. Produced by Con Movies, Inc. Doug Orchard served as Director.  Rated PG-13.  Release Date: July 2020. See it on Amazon Prime.  Film’s website at

The Power of Zero

Logline: As the US debt spirals out of control, it polarizes society and threatens to disrupt traditional retirement with an impending freight train of onerous taxes and draconian austerity measures.  Rated PG.  See it on iTunes,  Amazon Prime, Projektor, Google Play. Release Date: October 8, 2018.  Film’s website at


Fasting is the original human diet and is still more powerful than any drug on Earth.  Release Date:  12/21/17.  See it on Amazon Prime,  Vimeo-on-Demand, Projektor, and Gaia.  Film’s website at

The Motivation Factor

This multiple award-winning documentary shows the irreplaceable role Physical Education plays to develop social unity and become smart, productive, and mentally stable citizens, and the out-of-control consequences we face today with its absence in our society.
Release Date: 8/22/2017.  See it on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Projektor.   Film’s website at

Revenue Reserve – a CRE Documentary Film

The most successful private CRE investors share the unwritten rules that made them who they are today. This is their secret of why they thrive when things go wrong. Release Date: 10/2014.  See it at Projektor.