Sample Work

The Motivation Factor wins ‘Best Documentary Feature’ and ‘Audience Choice Award


The Motivation Factor #JFKChallenge

My current documentary film project explores ‘why’ we exercise and shows its link to becoming smart, productive & mentally stable.¬†Director, Cinematography, Post Production. Join us in film festivals this Spring 2017.

#JFKChallenge – Live on Fox & Friends in NYC

My interview on national morning talk show Fox & Friends where our documentary (The Motivation Factor) is profiled. Special thanks to Ron Jones and Kevin Rail with the Lean Berets, the US Marines and the kids from NJ who volunteered to learn the 12 Minute ‘Strength & Endurance Routine’ on the spot and perform it in front of 10MM+ viewers.¬†New York City, June 30, 2015.

Revenue Reserve – a CRE Documentary Film

How the nation’s leading CRE investors invest, protect & enhance wealth. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (10/2014) Film’s site at

The Fittest in Latin America

Wanda is the owner/coach at CrossFit 7-Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. She has been declared “The Fittest in Latin America” twice. (7/2017)

Legendary Kite Boarder & Founder of Epic Kites

Dimitri Maramenides is a legend in kite boarding. This is his remarkable story of how he is ‘still in the game’ after 20 years of flying 60′ into the air. (7/2017)

Second Chance

One of my favorite experiences making a mini-documentary or testimonial for a client. I am inspired by this Smithsonian artist, Stephanie Liner, and her determination to overcome impossible physical challenges to do what she loves. Client: Regenexx. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (10/2015)

The Power of Zero

Brian Hansen’s life changed when he understood the Power of Zero. Client: The Power of Zero Marketing Program. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (03/2017)


The impossible success of restoring an African father’s legacy to his children. Client: Goralka Law. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (10/2015)

My Christmas Wish: “I want to walk!”

The past 4 years, Julie had only one Christmas hope: get off crutches and walk. Here’s the story of how her wish came true. She testified before the FDA 6 months after shooting this film. Julie is now a blogger, Yoga instructor and motivation speaker. Client: Regenexx. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (12/2015)

After 7 Surgeries

This Rutgers college student has an amazing attitude to overcome the stuff life throws her way. Inspiring! Client: Regenexx. Director, Cinematography & all Post Production. (1/2016)

Regenexx Success Stories

Playlist of the amazing mini-documentary stories I filmed for Regenexx where they used the patient’s own stem cells to treat their orthopedic conditions.


Kevin Rail, aka k/rail, argueably has the best six pack out there. Here’s his workout. Client: Restore Your Fitness. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (11/2016)

The Strength & Endurance Routine

This was created as a ‘Perk’ reward for contributors to the ‘La Sierra High PE’ documentary film project #JFKChallenge. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (8/2015)

MOJO: Ancient Motion Patterns

Ron Jones demonstrates ancient motion patterns using the Persian meel, Indian club, sandbag, stick, and kettlebell. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (2/2015)